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A rainy afternoon in a cosy small town café. Inside, the air is saturated by the smells of freshly brewed coffee, apple pie and pancakes. An old friend is on the phone telling tales of self-doubt, worries and the future. But her voice is thick with faith and mystery as she tries to conceal her knowledge of a world beyond the mundane.

This is the sound of kitsches, music designed to encourage daydreaming of the infinite planes of foreign lands. Curiously, the duo consisting of singer Mathea and drummer Moritz actually met while studying music in a small town in Germany and have been writing and recording their songs right there in a tiny home studio ever since.

German duo kitsches second single from their upcoming album ‘brew’ titled ‘garden of eden’ is a seamless continuation of the first single’s story (‘attic’, released last december). Sonically, the band leans heavily into their new country-esque inspiration, following bands like Pinegrove and Dolly Partons sugary sweetness: through spherical vocals and twangy guitars, ‘garden of eden’ guides listeners to a sunny backyard in the American south. Lyrically, the song discusses how guilt and shame will take root in your garden even if you try to weed them out. ‘garden of eden’ will be released with a music video on may 12.

This is from the press release included in the submission of this song. I have been captivated by this single so much I had to listen to it over and over. Especially since this is from Europe – Germany to be exact. It makes me even happier to see such great indie music coming from here (I consider the whole of Europe as my home, to be honest). I am also highly enjoying the video as well, it fits the mood of the song very much. The country-style guitar in the background is so juicy and it caught me by surprise. It gives the song a really nice touch. I think people will love this song. I am just hoping they will tour Europe and I could see them in Bratislava play live. It would be a really nice treat.

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