Single: JW Francis – Orbit

There are many things that have changed about my life since I wrote my last album, and one of those has been falling in love. I wrote Orbit after falling in love with my partner Milla. I was awe-struck, dumb founded, blinded by the light, however you want to call it. I could not believe my luck, and I wanted to write a song about it. I wanted the song to race fast like a heartbeat, and to get up in your face like feelings. The music video is about finding harmony with all the different parts of yourself.

I love JW Francis’s music. His indie pop tunes are so captivating that it can easily become an obsession. You can imagine how my wife must feel (after I played his music bazillion times), but it’s hard not to be obsessed with such catchy and fresh music. I have a vinyl record of his old album, which I love to play from time to time. Need to take care of it, so I will not destroy it by playing it too much. Listening to his new single makes you feel like it’s your favorite ice cream that you eagerly wait for throughout the year, yummy, flavourish, and addictive. The new single is such a mood-lifter. The way it blends different sounds and melodies is amazing, and it’s no wonder I can’t get enough of it.

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