Single: Livingmore – At Ease

“Livingmore is a band from Los Angeles that formed in 2014 when Alex and Spencer connected through their mutual solo shows. With an undeniable musical chemistry, they began writing together and quickly gained attention with an EP and a slew of singles . Their live performance of “Little Bird” in a parking garage went viral, sparking their online presence. Their debut album, “OK To Land,” received widespread acclaim and generated a buzz within the indie music scene. Blending modern indie rock sensibilities with a touch of vintage pop charm, Livingmore creates a refreshing and catchy sonic experience. Livingmore’s 2021 album, “Take Me,” produced by drummer/ collaborator Mike Schadel and mixed by renowned producer/engineer Josiah Mazzaschi further showcased their musical growth. The album was praised as a thrilling musical journey through time and space, gaining airplay on various radio stations across the US including 88.5 The SoCal Sound, KCRW,KROQ , 98.7fm and more… With their intimate album “Look” released in 2022, Livingmore displayed their versatility and continued creativity. They are currently collaborating with producer Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) on their next release, promising exciting new music. Livingmore’s captivating sound and energetic performances have garnered a loyal following. With their distinctive blend of indie pop, rock influences, and a hint of nostalgia, Livingmore is an act to watch as they carve their own path in the music industry.”

“At Ease is the calm after the storm, and in a spiritual sense, it’s the feeling that the universe has watched your journey and is sighing with you in relief that you’re in a better place. Life is very up and down, so you may hear some angst of grieving for what you’ve lost, but also gaining happiness in the present moment. With that said, the world right now is definitely not at ease, but we believe music can heal, and we both hope this song coming out now can feel meditative and comforting.”

The dreamy vibes I am getting from this song are so enjoyable and I can just close my eyes and let myself float on the melody. Such a nice atmosphere this song has, it reminds me a little bit of a Beach House, but not really sure why, because it is not the same music. I just love the instruments and the gentle melody that will just take you on a journey. What a lovely track and I am so happy to share it with you.

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