Single: Psychic Shakes – Home

“Plymouth-based Max McLellan has been releasing music under the moniker of Psychic Shakes since 2016, with his first EP ‘Psychic’ on the Liverpudlian cassette label Hail Hail Records. It would act as one of the first of many hazy portals into the life of a reclusive, cryptically confessional lo-fi musician.

In 2022 McLellan and his partner discovered they were expecting, and with fatherhood approaching he began to re-evaluate ideation, creativity, and his identity as an artist in a post-covid landscape. Armed with a cheap guitar and a borrowed iMac with a cracked screen, he set about leaving a diary entry for his daughter- a view into her parent’s lives in the months leading up to her birth: Forever Now.

Picking up the energy, the album launches into ‘Home,’ a love letter to the physical familiarity of one’s hometown after being away for a long time.

‘Home’ was written shortly after Southampton-born McLellan moved from Bristol to Plymouth. Previously he had spent three years in Brighton, and the nascent feelings of homesickness were made harder by the rain and cold weather, as well as the lack of connections after a semi-nomadic few years.

Taking influence from enigmatic melodies of The Wipers and the homebrewed jangle of The Cleaners from Venus, the song is deceptively upbeat, as it stands in the track listing as one of the more melodically melancholy songs. The vocals are never without an accompanying harmony however, acting as a reflection of the line “everywhere she goes I call my home.” A positive acknowledgement that home can be anywhere with the right person alongside you.

I am so excited to bring you this new single from an artist I remember discovering a long time ago, but not really sure where. This is a new single from an upcoming album put on a great label Good Eye Records. This new track is catchy, energetic indie rock that will get you hooked so easily. I have been listening to it on repeat and cannot wait to listen to the full album once it is out. It is promising to be a great one. What a fun track this is, the guitar riffs are so cool and I cannot get over them. I am so pumped!

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