Fresh: dakota blue – At the Gala

I have known dakota blue for some time, especially through amazing cassette label Community Radio Tapes. I love the lo-fi chill vibe this song brings. I am so happy to see how dakota blue’s sound has developed over the years. This new single is promising a great album. Cannot wait to hear it in full. Please go and check whole discography of this L.A. artist.

You can find it at

Single: Junaco – In Between

I always enjoy listening to music that has few plays, bands that have few fans. The sense of freshnes of new discovery was driving power for my never ending search for new music. The new single In Between from Los Angeles duo Junaco is that specific case. Even though the song was apparently produced by some more known person (Omar Yakar?), I am feeling a lot of unheard freshness in the song. The female vocals are getting deep under my skin. A great indie rock.

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Single: RHYNE – Finding

I love birds in song. Somehow that sounds are making songs a hundred times better for me. Rhyne’s Finding is full of many beautiful melodies. I just want to go out to nature and enjoy birds, butterflies, meadows. I feel all that in this song. Can you hear it too?

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Single: Cool Sounds – Around And Down

This time I am bringing you something from Australia. A cheerful, jangle indie pop from Melbourne will get you with catchy vocals and melodies. I love the vibe this song brings. My hips start to move without notice. I love when music does this to me. When the track is over, you just hit the play button once more and once more…

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Single: Jenny Kern – Build a Bridge

I want to give more space on my blog to non-male artists. Jenny Kern is a great female singer from Canada. The melodies are very simple, vocals very pleasing. Also the lyrics about building bridges is pretty important. We should all try to build bridges between each other and “meet somewhere in the middle”.

You can find more infor at

Single: El Rocko – Half the Day

Past weeks I realized that there are many bands not using Bandcamp. I have no idea why this is happening. I am very biased about Bandcamp and always prefer to share music that is released there. Therefore, all bands with the music released on Bandcamp have a big plus.

El Rocko has many pluses. Great song. Great vocals. Great guitars. Great vibe. I am totally into this. I am just packing orders for my label Z Tapes and this is a perfect soundtrack. I just wish there were more tracks like this. I hope this artist will make more great songs in the future.

You can follow the artist on Bandcamp

Single: Belaver – Doe

Belaver is a singer, songwriter and musician in New York City.

Every time I listen this song I am getting into it more and more. Not sure what makes me so addictive, but I am digging it very much. My music taste is sometimes mysterious even for me.

More info at (btw a cool website)

Single: Miynt – Peaches

I am pretty biased when it comes to Swedish artists. But maybe they are just too good. Miynt is great. This new track Peaches is getting under my skin. I am blasting it in my headphones overloaded in my daily job. A nice retreat. Different world. A Swedish music world.

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Single: american poetry club – pro pic

For fans of Z Tapes, american poetry club is not an unknown band. I have been following them forever, since the first release. Jordan is a dear friend. I am so excited they are releasing soon a new album. A great album. The first track is out and you should not miss it. Get it on cassettes while you can.

You can find more music at

Single: Milkshakes – Breakfast with you

Another Brasilian gem. I am so excited to discover more artists from this. at least for me, a pretty unknown music scene. A pretty, dreamy melody is very much my thing. I love to close my eyes and just enjoy the music. Feel the summer vibe. I recommend you check out the whole album Wanderlust.

You can find more music at

Single: Sam Lynch – Not My Body

Another Canadian artist. This time a female one. A very talented one. I am so captivated by this beautiful track Not My Body. Beautiful melody. Beautiful vocals. Beautiful lyrics. You will want to put everything away and just disappear in the music.

You can find more info at

Single: Velcro Mary – Molly

I always find interesting to know the location from where the musicians are coming from. Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been there along time ago. I always wonder whether it has effect on music, whether you can discover the essence of location in the track. Maybe you can, I did not get there yet.

Molly is sweet little track with a simple melody and lyrics. I love that.

You can find more music at

Single: Helenor – Wasteful

Sometimes I enjoy songs for no specific reason without being able to explain why. Wasteful is one of them. Maybe the vocals, maybe lyrics, maybe instruments or just combination of them. Either way I really like this track and recommend you checking out other music by Helenor.

More music at

Single: D.D. Island – Lost Dog

Rainbow rock. What a great genre! Love the chill, summer vibe of this sweet song Lost Dog. Perfect for this lazy summer, hot days. Guitars in this song are just too good. Falling in love with them. Ready for your summer love?

More music at

Single: omes – wyd

I have been lucky to have omes on our latest spring compilation on Z Tapes. I am so happy he joined Devil Town Tapes run by my friend Jack. Please support this awesome label and especially omes who is very talented and cannot wait for his newest album. This little track is just perfect.

Pre-order album at

Single: Chloe Gallardo – Lose My

Another female artist. Another great artist. If you love Frankie Cosmos or Yohuna or Soccer Mommy or any other great female artist, you will love this one too. It’s beautiful, very atmospheric, very lyrical. After the first listen you will want to listen to more.

You can find more music at

Single: TIFFY – L.A. Fade

I am always proud of the music made by female (or non-male) artists. Especially proud of talented ones like Tiffany, who is sole writer, composer, producer and performs on all instruments for each track. This track L.A. Fade is full of energy, fuzzy & catchy guitars. Funny fact about Tiffany is that she is from southern California, but moved to Boston. Do not know many people who did that. 🙂

You can find the whole album and more music at

Single: Jacob Faurholt – The Dark Isn’t Right

It has been years, yes years, since I first heard Jacob Faurholt music. I still remember digging it on Bandcamp when I was starting this blog, it was in 2012-13. I am so happy Jacob is still making music that gets me. Folk beauty from Denmark. I recommend you check out all his music.

You can find all his catalog here

Single: Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners – A moment

This track is a very powerful one. I love American modern folk music and this band is a good reason why I love it. Love the slow pace of the song, distant vocals, and all the guitar nuances. No wonder I have been listening to it over and over. Exciting for the new record Subliming out in (near) future.

Find more music at

Single: Silsila – To the Harbour’s End and Back Again

Silsila is a music making collective based in an independent studio at the side of the Jeseníky Mountains, in the Czech Republic, close to the Polish border.

I am very proud of this track. Everything that is coming from Slovakia or Czechia and is my cup of coffee, warms my heart. This beautiful melow, acoustic, folkish track is something I would love to have even on my own label. Supporting local music always makes much more sense for me. So happy there is another indie music project from Czechia that I can proudly share.

You can find whole album at

Single: courtship. – Guy Stuff

Pop. Good pop. Catchy pop. Makes you want to dance. Perfect for your summer pool parties.

Quote about the track sums it well:

“The light-hearted, beachy single features a punchy piano that plays throughout the track while feathery vocals float atop its throwback production. Catchy oohs and aaah’s adorn the track giving it an eclectic, disco feel. courtship.’s “Guy Stuff” is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the human nature engrained in men. It’s one of those songs that gets better with every listen.”

Find more music at

Single: Mantra Love – Another One

Mantra Love is coming out of Houston, TX.

The intro of “Another One” (the guitar part) remembers of one track but I cannot remember which one. I heard it many times and now cannot remember. Maybe you can help? 🙂

Either way I love it. This track belong to ones you end up listening over and over without having a clue why. Maybe the laid back vibe, surfy guitars or the vocals. Who knows… I just love it. Don’t you?

More links & info at:

Single: Pastel Coast – Vacation

So happy to share this single with you. I have been fan of Pastel Coast‘s music for some time and I happy they are here with a new music. A great music. They grew up. A lot. I am in love with their new guitars, they are remaining me little bit of Beach Fossils or The Drums, but I am 100% into them. If you go through track “Vacation”, you will get to “Home” which is sung in French, it is very catchy & beautiful. I am so proud this music is from Paris, France. Now I can have a favorite band in Europe too.

More music at

Single: Hugo Cottu – For All I Know

Do you remember early King Krule? Hugo Cottu is more laid back version of him. At least I think so. More beachy, more mellow, more dreamy. Being taken away on the slow waves of guitars, piano and drums far away. I am imaging myself to be on calm water pushed my little waves from the coast up to open, vast ocean. I love this imagery.

More music at

Single: Connor McCoy – Problem Children

Connor McCoy is 22 year old independent singer/songwriter/producer from Salt Lake City, UT – living in Los Angeles, CA.

The upbeat melody is getting into me. It’s Friday and I am counting minutes until I leave the work. This is helping me to cheer up and get ready for warm weekend. No work, no worries, just enjoying time. Get ready with me.

More music at

Single: Vern Matz – Void Detection

Have you listened to new Spencer Radcliffe’s tracks? Do you love them? You will enjoy this sweet track from Vern Matz too. Modern indie folk. A perfect combination of folkish influences, good songwriting and very nice vocals.

Artist describe the track as:

An acoustic tune to keep you warm in the rain. A meditation on physical deterioration and endings and novels and large holes, wherever they may be. God is dead and the floor is falling so you better grow up quick.

It has been raining whole week and this track just perfectly fits into this mood.

You can find more music at

Premiere: The Careful Ones – dance with with me (how come you never)

I am very happy to bring you as first this amazing track dance with with me (how come you never) from The Careful Ones. A beautiful indie folk track coming out of Central Florida.

Artist says about the track:

“dance with me (how come you never)” is about how relationships can feel routine but with a spark of spontaneity can make you fall in love all over again.

If you have time, close everything, all your tabs in your browser, all social media. Put headphones on and turn the volume up. Feel the music, feel the rhythm, feel the lyrics. Pure beauty.

You can find more music at

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Single: Glom – My Red Spine

Indie rock at its best. Catchy, dancy, powerful. It’s on repeat today.

Few words from Glom:

“‘My Red Spine’ is an homage to the late 70s guitar-rock that inspired me when I was a kid,” says Peter. The wonky riff is reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult, T. Rex, and Steely Dan while the vocal melodies are a direct interpretation of early 70s proto-punk from the likes of the Stooges and Velvet Underground.

I can see myself clearly in the crowd dancing, sweating to this. Will you join me?

More music on Spotify

Single: Eyeclimber – Run Together

I always admire artist singing in English, when it is not their native language. I find this song from Eyeclimber a perfect example how great can be songwriter from Europe, Germany to be exact. The song contains a lot of energy that is slowly developing and blooming. Upbeat, catchy, summerish. Something you should listen in work, especially if you have an office job and just want to escape walls and enjoy the warm weather. I wish I could.

You can find more music at:

Single: Ugly Ghost – Hoverboards & Teleportation

Ugly Ghost captures so much energy in his tracks. Aubrey Plaze has been my favorite track on our May Spotify playlist and I am happy there is another sweet lo-fi indie rock track out there. Little bit different, little bit more experimental, but still very “Ugly Ghost-ish.” Excited to hear more from him in future.

You can listen to more music at

Single: SLEEP RADIO – several days later by

I find it so hard to discover music from Europe I really enjoy, but past weeks there is more and more popping up just to my ears. It feels good. And yes, Britain (UK) is still part of Europe.

Slow, melow lo-fi track from SLEEP RADIO coming out of Bristol is developing more and more after re-listening. If you are fan of Alex G, Hovvdy or Tyler Burkhart or any other lo-fi king, this will get you. Close all social networks, turn the volume up and just enjoy.

You can find more music at

Single: Kaanvas – Catch 22

Are you fan of 90s rock? Weezer? You will love this track. I have been always huge fan of this era in music and I am very glad Kaanvas is bringing it back. Love the pace of the song, how the verses change, how good the guitars and vocals are. Also a small big plus to name of song, I love book Catch 22.

The lyrics are great too:

You used to come over : Lay your head in my lap
That was October : I fell in your trap
Now its a daydream : I can’t explain
The moment that left me : This sting in my brain
You make me a fool now you make me a fool
I wanna go back now wish i was with you
Im stuck in the past now playin it cool
So it doesn’t hurt now this catch 22
I hope you forgive me : For causing you pain
Time is so empty : I made a mistake
Not loving you sooner : You bend and you break
But now im a loser : And you can relate

Just press the play and enjoy it too.

You can find more music and newest album at

Single: TV Sets – Your Voice on Tape

Dream pop from Toronto, Canada? Oh yeah! I want to listen to this on repeat. No words for this track, I do not want to ruin the first experience. Just start the track and hear for yourself.

You can find more music at

Single: Blu:m – Shakes Up

This track will make your hibs to move. Love the upbeat melody, love the “Florence And The Machine” style vocal parts. New, fresh band coming out of London scene. Exciting! There is a just short EP out but it is very promising and worth checking out.

You can find the EP on Spotify

Single: Wes Chiller – Mo Nothin

Do you remember classic rock from 70s, 80s? Remember Police? I remember it very well as my father listened to it over and over when I was younger. He still plays it on vinyl from time to time. I feel the vibe of this in Wes Chiller’s track Mo Nothin and it brings me a lot of memories. A good ones. Nostalgia. Old classic rock.

You can find more at

Single: personhollywise. – arpeggio.

I usually write about new music released in past weeks but this one is little bit older. Discovering of older music can bring the same enjoyment as discover of new music. Who said that blog cannot write about things that were released months ago? We can write about anything we want.

The opening of the track is just killin’ it. Love the pace, love the beats and voice too. A great track.

You can find more music at

Single: the deepest sleep – III

James aka the deepest sleep is my friend, we met at Z Tapes Fest in Summer 2018. He has been fan of my label for many years and luckily I was able to see him play live at our Fest. His new project is little bit different from drmgrl music, but I still find it interesting. I do not listen to ambient music on daily music, but when I do I try to take a care when listening to it. Ambient music is always atmosphere. Can you feel it?

You can find more music at

Single: Simen Mitlid – Trying

How many Norwegian artist do you know? Many? Few? None? You should start digging deeper into this country’s music scene because you can find gems. Simen Mitlid’s music is one of it. You would never thought this was coming from Norway. I love how fresh and well produced this song sounds.

“Hailing from the lush woods of Os, Norway, singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid crafts lush, Nordic indie-folk” – note from his bio. I just wish I could join him in these Nordic woods.

You can find more about artist at