Video: dad sports – name & place

I am slowly realizing that the style of guitars in the song is very important for me. Somehow I am really into jangly indie guitars as you can find in this song. It reminds me of my favorite band Beach Fossils. I used to dream of making music like this, but I never chased that dream. At least I can enjoy the music and in this case, the video as well. The video and song have a really nice summer vibe and I love that.

Here are some words from the press kit to enlight this video and the band:

Ottawa, Ontario’s dad sports are announcing their signing to Grand Jury Music with the video for their nostalgic indie-dream-pop single “name & place.” dad sports, who succinctly say in their twitter bio “yeah our band name sucks what abt it”, have been slowly cultivating a cult audience, teasing out perfect slices of catchy-as-hell self-produced indie songs since late 2018. Their most recent tracks immediately caught the ear of New York’s Grand Jury Music, who will be releasing a series of new dad sports singles over the coming months. Speaking to “name & place”, dad sports’ vocalist and guitarist Miguel Plante says;

“u know that feeling when yr looking out of a car window and its dark out and everything is just really beautiful and u feel like yr in a coming of age movie ? we tried to make this song exactly that :)”

dad sports is a three piece bedroom pop band formed in the early hours of the morning, exploring the Ottawa suburbs with only friendship and music to guide them. The band’s sound is notably lo-fi and soft, yet equally high energy and emotionally potent. The group sets themselves apart by their use of electronic drum machines and softly layered vocals to create a warm and nostalgic sound. dad sports is Miguel Plante on vocals and guitar, Keith McDonald on drums and Alex Keyes on bass.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.