Single: Shane Malone – Stranger

Before sharing the music I try to listen to it for a couple of times to fully immerse into it. And sometimes, the tracks are getting better after each listening. This is the case. I am so getting into the vibe of this song, the instruments are so nice in this one. Also, the production on this track is really great. It feels so right for my farewell to summer.

If you want you can read more about the artist’s perspective on track:

This song is about a crush I had on a girl whom I first met on the internet. Initially, she was just a stranger to me. The only things I knew about her were superficially derived from the pictures she posted, and I foolishly let my imagination fill out the rest. As we talked more, we began to realize that these expectations we had of each other were inevitably different from who each of us actually were. Eventually, the initial spark that compelled us faded and we were, once again, strangers. Despite the brief period we were acquainted, I still find myself thinking about her and blaming myself for messing something up rather than realizing we just didn’t have enough in common.

I feel like this song plays into a universal theme felt by my generation. When I sent my friend the demo of this song, he half-jokingly dubbed it “the Tinder song”. Modern romance places such an importance on first impressions and social media. There is such a pressure to display the entirety of your personality, beliefs, and interests in just a few photos. However, I didn’t write this song to be a scornful critique of our society. This song is simply my open letter to that girl, saying “I’m sorry it didn’t work out”.

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