Single: Youngest Sibling – unconscious states

‘You wake up in an unconscious state’

‘unconscious states’ is the new single from Youngest Sibling, it is a raucous, reverb-soaked lo-fi punk tune that fizzes and pops with energy. It is centered around pounding, primal drums, fuzzy guitars and a bold hook that is defiant and melodic – the chorus will undoubtedly stick around in your head for a little while after listening. Youngest Sibling’s music will appeal to anyone that likes their music instant, no-nonsense and rough around the edges.

From the artist – ‘unconscious states’ sounds like a cassette deck on fire. Under warbling tape hiss and dense layers of vocal reverb this surf punk rager burns at high velocity. But the song is more than a high octane ditty; beneath the flames “unconscious states” is shaped with thea same craftsmanship and precision as the lofi folk songs found on HAND ME DOWN SWEATSHIRT Vol. 1.’