Singles: Dozee – desert view & slump

“San Francisco based artist by way of Nashville. I’ve been creating music for 8 years in many projects and collaborations. Previous sounds mostly comprised a four-piece lineup exploring rock, dream-pop, metal, shoegaze, and alternative. This new solo incarnation takes pieces from each past experience to create something new.”

This recent release features a double single from an incredibly prolific artist who has been consistently putting out a lot of music. The songs on this release cover a wide range of genres, including shoegaze, indie rock, post-punk, and 90s indie styles. I’m really appreciating the diversity in the music, and both singles come together to create a cohesive and appealing pair that can attract different audiences and push the boundaries of genres. Personally, I found myself leaning a bit more towards the single ‘slump’, mainly because of my current preference for shoegaze music.

Written by Filip Zemcik