Single: Preparation 500 – Falling Apart

“Los Angeles/Portland-based artist who seeks to make music that makes one feel like a character in a 90’s anime going on a drive. Pulls heavy inspiration of dream pop, bedroom pop, and Shibuya-kei culture.”

I really liked this description and it fits the music very much. This slow, dreamy shoegaze is like a drive that never ends. It sounds like Beach House made a collaboration with My Bloody Valentine and it got proper lo-fi treatment. I am loving this track very much. I will be blasting it on my headphones and trying to get to the bottom of it or maybe I will just sign along this chorus:

These days feel so wide open
I hate thinking you were the one
I know that that’s just foolish
But I’m still falling apart

I would recommend a label looking for good new releases to reach out to this artist. I would do it myself.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.

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