Single: Jack Keyes – The House

“With “The House”, Jack Keyes takes on the theme of guilt through the symbol of a burning home. “House on fire / I climbed the grapevine / chills down my spine,” Keyes whispers over a delicate, catchy acoustic guitar line. Recorded at LaLaLand Studios in Louisville, Kentucky, the track employs drums from Fiona Palenski, and viola and sax by Ellie Ruth and Blase Grody, respectively. This collaboration with local artists gives the song a rhythmic push and pull and orchestral feel in the style of Nick Drake or Andrew Bird. “We make so many little decisions, and sometimes I can’t help but be a little nostalgic for the alternate lives I didn’t pick,” Keyes said. “I wrote this song as an exercise in trying to not blame myself for the bumps in the road on the path I’ve taken.”

I have been enjoying music from Jack for a while and this latest single is probably most favorite one to this date. The color of the voice is so special and it is getting under my skin. I am really enjoying the progress in his music and cannot wait to hear more songs like this one. Also, the viola and sax in the song are so beautiful. It has been some time since I heard such a beautiful folk track. I am sick now, lying in a bed and this works well as a healing medicine. If you are not familiar with Jack’s music, I would recommend checking his discography. You will love it.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.