Single: Preparation 500 – Nonbinary

“Los Angeles/Portland based artist who seeks to make music that makes one feel like a character in a 90’s anime going on a drive. Pulls heavy inspiration of dream pop, bedroompop, and Shibuya-kei culture.”

I have shared music from Preparation 500 before, recently it was the single Falling Apart and I quite enjoyed it. Here is a short description of the song:

“This song describes my experience and frustrations as a nonbinary person. Specifically, the people who I witnessed gracefully fit in-between too binary concepts and the beauty I saw in them due to their uniqueness. I ultimately want to exist without guilt or pressure and dance with no gender at all.”

I could imagine this song playing in a bar with mist and just letting yourself float to the rhythm of the song. You would just dance with them and feel light that you can be whatever you want to be.

The chorus is just a great fit for that:

handsome in the way like iridescent moonlight
prettiest thing I ever saw
calm just like a whirlwind, skin perfect blemishes
dancing with no gender at all, dancing with no gender at all
flowing in the way that you want

What a great track and I am excited for future music from this artist.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.