Single: autumnal – radio silence

“autumnal is an indie-folk band from Fort Collins, Colorado started by two longtime best friends. The project began as acoustic singer-songwriter, though in the years since they started writing music together they have grown musically and have added members to the band, leaning more into indie-rock. Today their music straddles genre, from their acoustic roots to fuzzed out bubblegrunge autumnal creates a new sound and mood with their music.

A sentimental longing of home permeates femme-indie band autumnal’s second single ‘radio silence’. It’s the story of vocalist Geneva’s first semester of college, eight hours away from what she called home. While running a weekly show at the college radio station and missing home, she made the decision to go back to family, friends and familiarity. In a frenzy of packing they forget about their radio show, and as the chorus states, left the station in “40 minutes of radio silence”. autumnal leans more into their singer-songwriter roots in ‘radio silence’, with sweeping reverb and airy vocals creating an ethereal atmosphere. The song strives to create a feeling of home that people can relate to.”

Once again sharing whole quotes which came to me together with this song. It got me captivated before reading these lines, but I always like to read a story about the song, how it was made, when it was made, what is the story, what are maybe some lyrics, etc. Then I feel I can go on a deeper level with the song. This one felt especially personal, heartwarming, and so soothing. I sometimes think about what I call home and I am glad it is our little flat in Bratislava. It always feels so nice to return to it and just smell its special scent, it feels safe. I am laying on our sofa and writing this post and feeling so nice. Writing a music blog can bring you a lot of jay, and this is one of the cases…

You can follow the band on Spotify.