Single: Human Barbie – Wishing

“The sweet sting of a teenage mixtape • whispers from beyond a grainy screen… ‘Wishing’ is filled with the dreamy nostalgia of Alex G & Elliot Smith, but with the addictive sweetness of a lofi-pop banger. Cassette-drenched drums & hazy guitars swirl between intimate vocals to paint a yearning picture of a lost memory…”

A while back came across the music of Human Barbie through our blog and Submithub, which have been amazing sources for discovering new music. Ever since then, Human Barbie has consistently released fantastic music. Their latest single offers a slightly different sound, but it really resonates with me. The slacker lo-fi guitars, dreamy vocals, and vibes reminiscent of artists like Alex G or Elliot Smith create a captivating atmosphere. This gentle lo-fi rock song has the power to make any day more bearable. As I prepare to start my work day, it’s the perfect soundtrack to kick things off on a peaceful note.