Single: Sea Shapes – dream karma

“I tried to write a dream pop song, about a girl I was only seeing in my dreams. and how everything feels so real in your dreams. but its not my reality.”

I was immediately drawn to this song by its dreamy guitar, post-punk/darkwave beats, and captivating melody. In recent months or years, I’ve noticed the rise of similar dreamy darkwave post-punk pop songs, and they seem to resonate well with listeners. Although I’m not a fan of everything in this genre, this particular song had me hooked from the first few seconds. The cool guitar riffs in the song are especially captivating, and I find myself wanting to listen to them on repeat. Sea Shapes has created a single that feels fresh, catchy, and perfectly suited to today’s audience – including myself. I can definitely see myself playing this song on repeat.

Written by Filip Zemcik