Singles: Ruby Moon – Summer Phases & Lights Out

Ruby Moon, an indie artist from New York City, NY, has recently put out two incredible singles that I just can’t get enough of: “Summer Phases” (released on the 22nd of June, 2024) and “Lights Out” (released on the 31st of May, 2024). Ruby Moon has a consistently dreamy style that shines in all of their releases and “Summer Phases” and “Lights Out” are no different. 

In “Summer Phases,” Ruby Moon’s signature dreamy quality comes through strong – the soft, layered vocals work so perfectly with the equally soft, twinkly guitar riffs. The chord progression adds to the dreamy quality, and the tonality of the bass is satisfying and appealing. “Summer Phases” feels almost like a song you’d hear as part of a coming-of-age indie movie. It’s just that good.

“Lights Out” is equally amazing, but in other ways. It opens with soft guitar strums that have an almost vintage quality. In this single, Ruby Moon uses the same dreamy style of vocals, though they’re mixed more forward, and I think the vocals fit so well with the instrumentals. The short pre-chorus that leads into the catchy, energetic chorus and the drop at the chorus have such a satisfying sound. I adore the chorus so much. 

Ruby Moon is one of those indie artists who consistently put out amazing song after amazing song while maintaining their signature sound or motif. I really, really love both “Summer Phases” and “Lights Out,” and I’m excited to see what Ruby Moon is going to put out next!

Written by Valor