Single: echinacea – paper hearts

“This song is from San Diego, trans-fronted emo band Echinacea. This track dives into themes of relationship troubles, overthinking and self doubt. Featuring a drum solo and a heavy breakdown at the ending, this track is filled with many twists and turns too keep the listener on their toes.”

In the past, I’ve shared some noteworthy music from a band based in San Diego. I must say, I found their sound quite appealing. Recently, this band has released a new single that is bursting with energy, featuring powerful riffs and captivating vocals that deliver a true emo vibe. The track has a strong drive that instantly caught my attention and made me a fan. I am eagerly looking forward to what this talented group will produce next, and I’m confident it will be nothing short of amazing. In my opinion, this is one of the must-watch emo bands that you won’t want to miss.

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