Single: echinacea – Wake Up

“If no one told you today, you are important and you are loved 🙂 Girly Pop Emo from San Diego, California”

This is a bio from Spotify from this emo band I have recently discovered, even though this single is the newest one, I am really enjoying it. It feels so energetic and I bet it would be amazing live and as the band says, the people love to sing along to the lyrics. I would be doing the same if I was there.

Uncover the sun, we’ll uncover it

Here is also the newest single from March:

Really nice fresh emo from San Diego can easily get you and will become your favorite. The genre is still for me pretty undiscovered and I am still trying to find what I like about it. I am glad I can start with small bands like this one.

This is great music and I hope you will get into it as well. I am loving it.

You can find more music on Spotify.

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