Single: Donald Beaman – Fog On Mirror Glass

“Glass Bottom Boat” is the first single from “Fog On Mirror Glass”, the new album by Donald Beaman. The song was recorded & mixed by Kirt Lind and mastered by David Glasebrook (Sugar Candy Mountain, Sandy’s, Credit Electric). The label will be undertaking a worldwide publicity campaign to promote the single and Donald will be playing shows on the US West Coast. Thanks for listening!

“A songwriter, singer, and guitarist residing in Northern California. Donald Beaman performs both solo and with a backing band. Beaman’s fifth album Fog On Mirror Glass is slated for release on Oakland, CA based Royal Oakie Records on June 14th 2024.”

Royal Oakie has recently released a new song from the upcoming album by Donald Beaman. The first single from the album is an indie folk song that perfectly captures the essence of the music scene in Northern California. The song has a mellow and soothing vibe, reminiscent of a hazy mountain breeze. The vocals are gentle yet powerful, conveying deep emotions through the lyrics. This single is a testament to the incredible talent of the people behind Royal Oakie, and it is certainly one of the best singles we have shared on our blog from this great label.