Single: Polyglam – Pleasure

“One summer, three acquaintances were left to house-sit a music producers home. Like ships passing in the night, they coordinated responsibilities; feed the dog, walk the dog, water the plants. Until one day, they crossed paths and gravitated to the home studio, where an immediate connection was made. Many hot days overlooking the Silverlake Reservoir helped shape their dreamlike, nostalgic tone, and what felt like a true summer camp romance turned into a band.”

“Pleasure” is the new single from LA indie trio Polyglam.

The track was written one day during a summer housesitting in Silver Lake, sitting on a balcony overlooking the reservoir. The lyrics explore whether or not it’s possible to find moments of pleasure or joy without life’s consequences creeping in. It’s about the infinity of a moment and what may come after.”

It’s funny how some songs can take a while to grow on you, but once they do, they become an instant earworm. This particular song I stumbled upon recently has been on repeat ever since. It’s a delightful summery indie pop with a lively and upbeat rhythm that exudes positive energy and is incredibly catchy. The guitar solos are particularly enjoyable, featuring some captivating riffs that instantly grab your attention. All in all, this song is a perfect addition to any playlist and is bound to bring some much-needed sunny and cheerful vibes to your day.