Filip’s Quick Single Picks: James Leonard Hewitson, Virens, Temachii, HTML, Paper Lady

James Leonard Hewitson – Fill My Head With Sugar

“James Leonard Hewitson is a musician from the North East of England who writes indie-rock with retro influence.” When I heard this song it reminded me of my friend Andy Burns, who is also making retro-sounding indie rock. This song was really enjoyable and I bet it would be amazing to see it live. Such nice energy is coming from the song and I am so happy it brought me nostalgia thinking about Andy I have not seen for a long time. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Virens – Submitted To Sin

“Submitted To Sin” is the first song Virens ever wrote; it tells the story of a broken relationship, too damaged to be repaired, but too beautiful to ever recover from. It’s about pining for a person you know isn’t right for you, but you want them more than ever, and the thought of anyone else loving them is torture. It’s the most stripped-back song on the EP, essentially raw vocals, an acoustic guitar & a sprinkling of magic dust from Fyfe at Park Studios who produced the previous 2 singles.” I have been enjoying Virens’ songs for some time and I am excited to listen to the full EP when it will be out. Their music is beautiful indie pop that anyone can get into. Definitely check out more music from them if you have some time. You can find more music on Spotify.

Temachii – soft n sweet

Another dream/indie pop track I am sharing with you. There is not much to learn about the artist on the internet, but sometimes it is not needed. I just enjoyed the song’s atmosphere and the vocals. A really great chill track that can accompany your workdays. If you liked it too, you can check the full album, from which this song was taken from. You can find more music on Spotify,

HTML – Blue Tongue

HTML is an Indie Rock band from Queens, NY, combining ethereal guitars with folk singer-songwriter sensibilities. “Blue Tongue” is the first track off our brand new EP. It’s a head-bopping indie-rock song with infectious groove and ethereal guitar melodies.” I have to admit I had to relisten to this track couple of times, but somehow it grew on me after each listen. The guitars in the opening of the track were really hooking me in. If you liked it you can also check out the full EP, which was really enjoyable as well. You can find more music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Paper Lady – Starcross

“Paper Lady is the immortal crone, casting spells and wreaking havoc in Allston, MA. Paper Lady is portrayed through the physical form of frontwoman Alli Raina, and summoned by Rowan Martin (guitar), Will Davila (bass), Kenzo Divic (keys), and Alex Castile (drums). They have made a name for themselves within the Allston DIY scene and surrounding Boston area. Their music could be described as ethereal freak rock. They all met at Berklee College of Music and became fast life long friends. They hope to one day live on a farm together, record music, and dance under the moon. Starcross is a scathing account of an almost-romance with a farmer gone awry.” A little bit longer write-up but I felt it was worth mentioning. The song is a pretty powerful blend of indie rock and shoegaze and I have been really enjoying it. Definitely worth checking out their discography. You can find more music on Spotify.

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