Video: Alex Gardner – Upside Down Crown

Alex Gardner is a songwriter and guitarist living in Los Angeles. Starting in 2007, he has self-released a string of albums, and been involved in music scenes in Seattle and Los Angeles. His songs are drawn from divergent sources, taking inspiration from fairy tales, experimental poetry, the Anthology of American folk music, rockabilly and bluegrass. Though previous releases have orbited closer to the outsider folk of Josephine Foster and Michael Hurley, Gardner pays tribute to distorted guitar amps and echoey, lo-fi indie music on his latest album, titled Highly Attainable Dreams. Entirely self-recorded in living rooms in both Los Angeles and Seattle, the album brings together musicians active in both scenes, and was recorded collaboratively over several months, reuniting old friends happy to be in a room playing and working together as the pandemic waned. Digging through American paradigms both old and modern, the album weaves together two genres (old weird American folk music and 90s indie rock) not so much to synthesize them, as in an attempt to scrape away at or uncover some strange but familiar common denominator. Highly Attainable Dreams features Lauren Slusser on piano and vocals; Lauren also wrote and directed the music video for “Upside Down Crown.” It also features Dan Komin (Pop Molecules) on bass, and Jason Wyman (TV Girl) on drums. It features contributions by Craig Peters (Craig Salt Peters), Jade Tcimpidis (129,600), and Zach Burba (iji).”

I have to admit I have not heard about this artist before and I had to share this little write-up to introduce him. I have been enjoying the video and the single so much and I am really looking forward to hearing the full album when it will be out (May 12). This new single is really a catchy one and I have been enjoying the guitars so much I had to relisten it over and over. Such a catchy melody. This is indie rock we all want to hear more. I wished I had more words for you but everything important is written above.

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