EP: Paper Lady – Traveling Exploding Star

I have written about To the Moon and Starcross on my blog recently so naturally I was eager to check the full EP once it will be out.

I love receiving the EPs or albums by the singles, the new trend is suiting me pretty well. It is like taking slow bites out of tasty chocolate, the flavor is slowly melting on your tongue and you can hint at all the various small nuances in the taste. Especially with shoegaze, it is nicer to dose it in smaller amounts.

Paper Lady is the immortal crone, casting spells and wreaking havoc in Allston, MA. Paper Lady is portrayed through the physical form of frontwoman Alli Raina, and summoned by Rowan Martin (guitar), Will Davila (bass), Kenzo Divic (keys), and Alex Castile (drums). They have made a name for themselves within the Allston DIY scene and surrounding Boston area. Their music could be described as ethereal freak rock. They all met at Berklee College of Music and became fast life long friends. They hope to one day live on a farm together, record music, and dance under the moon.

I am enjoying how the EP flows from slower heavier shoegaze tracks to dreamier shoegaze to dreamy indie folk evoking countryside. I have recently written that I am enjoying EPs (albums) incorporating various genres and thus creating a more colorful palette of sounds. The EP is full of energy and like every track on this EP as it brings all kinds of sounds. I think everyone will find there are some songs that will speak to them more than others.

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