Single: Scasca – Glue (feat. Talipes Valgus)

This is probably my first post with an artist from Serbia. Here is info from a nice press release:

Belgrade-based electronic music producer SCASCA teams up with enigmatic singer TALIPES VALGUS to bring their captivating single, “Glue.”

The new single reflects SCASCA’s ambition to go beyond genre-bending downtempo and explore the songwriting side of his music. To do this, in “Glue”, SCASCA develops his quick-running subtle breakbeats and wraps them in ghostly vocals from TALIPES VALGUS, resulting in a graceful song that references Joy Orbison’s futuristic electronics and Grouper’s hazy dream-pop at the same time.

The lyrics of “Glue” delve into the realm of unhealthy relationships, capturing the painful side of first love. TALIPES VALGUS evocatively expresses the sentiments, stating, “When everything is eternal – everything is fatal.” The song serves as a reflection of youthful maximalism and fixation, building up to the looped word “Disappear” before culminating in a loud and lush finale.

I do not listen to a lot of electronic music or share about it on my blog, but this downtempo from this Belgrade-based artist is really nice. I have been thinking about showcasing more music from Slavic artists on my blog, but I am also in constant awe because of the war and for example, Serbia supporting Russia more than I would love. I am not sure how artists are reliable for such world problems, but it feels weird still. I hope that the artists sending music to us are supporting Ukraine more than Russia, but I know how hard it is to be living in this European hell created by the war. Music can create bridges and hopefully, we will be able to live in one internet world in the future.

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