Single: So It Was – Speak Now!

Daniel from So It Was wrote me that they made a lyric video for the new single and I waited for it so I could share it together with the song. Here is some info from the press release.

“Our insecurities often lead us to make ourselves smaller – to not stand in the way, and to not say what we really want to say. 

Louisville indie rock band So It Was rejects this instinct with “Speak Now!”, an anthem that encourages taking up space. 

Singer and songwriter Daniel Lobb wrote the track in a flash of lightning while walking through his neighborhood park. He found inspiration in an unlikely place: the loud music of a passing car. 

“Someone drove by with the radio blasting, their subs interrupting everyone’s thoughts for a quarter mile in every direction,” Lobb said. “I had to laugh at myself for trying to take no space – we all take space, and that’s ok.”

The musicality of So It Was is gentle, but assured. On “Speak Now!”, pleading trumpets and clarinet combine with wailing electric guitar riffs to create a driving backbeat rocker that recalls the likes of The Shins, Big Thief or Stella Donnelly. Lobb croons with gentle confidence choice lines such as: Is it “speak now or forever hold my peace” time already? / I’m always holding my tongue far too steady/ she’s fine.

“Speak Now!” is the lead single for So It Was’ upcoming full-length, “Round the Mountain”, which will be released this fall. 

Prior to “Speak Now!”, So It Was released their self-titled album in 2019. Since then, the band has been central to the budding Louisville music community. So It Was has collaborated with Sub Pop’s Daniel Martin Moore, and has appeared on record with Kentucky legends such as Jim James, bell hooks, and Wendell Berry. 

You can listen to the self-titled album here:

Now you have a full experience of this band and I made the discovery much easier. I have been really wanting to explore music from different parts of the USA to feel the essence of the Midwest or other southern countries where music was always a little bit different. I am enjoying indie folk rock, especially with such nice vocals as Daniel has. The song with the lyric video is a beautiful release and I will revisit it again just to get a full glimpse of the music and Daniel’s voice. I visited Louisville, Kentucky on my road trip in the USA in 2013 and I loved the city. Would be amazing to visit it again and see this band perform.

You can find this band on Spotify.