Single: Paper Lady – To the Moon

Another artist which I have shared on my blog a few times. Here is the bio I have shared recently:

Paper Lady is the immortal crone, casting spells and wreaking havoc in Allston, MA. Paper Lady is portrayed through the physical form of frontwoman Alli Raina, and summoned by Rowan Martin (guitar), Will Davila (bass), Kenzo Divic (keys), and Alex Castile (drums). They have made a name for themselves within the Allston DIY scene and surrounding Boston area. Their music could be described as ethereal freak rock. They all met at Berklee College of Music and became fast life long friends. They hope to one day live on a farm together, record music, and dance under the moon.

I have lived in a city for a very long time and we have been discussing with my wife moving away somewhere where life is less hectic. The idea of living on a farm sounds like a great choice. I wish we could all experience a little bit more peace in our lives. This indie folk track is bringing exactly that. I can close my eyes, imagine sitting on a porch, looking at the sunset, and the breeze in my hair and just falling that life is good. A really great track and cannot wait to hear more so I can share them with you on my blog.

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