Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Sara Devoe, Melis x Yasha 96, Mikey Demilio, Sun Era, Marella

Sara Devoe – Late Bloomer

“”Late Bloomer” is a dreamy, moody, and powerful dream-pop track that touches on accepting the wrong kinds of attention.” These days I am not a huge fan of piano in songs, but in this dreamy track, it works so well. Also, the song was a really nice energy that I can totally feel in my (music) bones. I could totally hear this in some cool indie playlist and be like “cool track”. A nice discovery. You can find more music on Spotify.

Melis x Yasha 96 – Go Down

‘Go Down’ is a blend of lo-fi pop melodies and a post-punk drive. The track is inspired by late nights in Berlin, catching feelings, self-sabotaging, and having fun through all of it.” Two Berlind-based music projects working together to create catchy indie pop. The song has a really nice drive and once again I feel like I could hear it in some popular playlist that would catch many. It caught me. You can find more music on Spotify of Melis and Yasha 96.

Mikey Demilio – Lucy Lust

“This song is about the effects of lust when love goes sour. Mixed with my personal experience in life.”I have recommended Mikey’s song before and I really enjoyed his voice, the color is so interesting. Also, the melody of the song is pretty catchy. Somehow I am making these picks more catchier than usual and I am enjoying the different vibes all the songs have. This is brining some summer vibes which I need so badly. You can find more music on Spotify.

Sun Era – Bigfoot

We have shared quite a few songs from Sun Era on our blog and I am glad we can share another one. This artist from Maryland makes enjoyable indie lo-fi folk rock that you can easily get hooked on. A nice addition to the upbeat tracks we have shared above. Also, I really enjoyed the little part with the harmonica (if I am guessing right). The whole song has really nice little various melodies that together create an amazing atmosphere. If you enjoyed this track, you can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Marella – Marci

“Daniel Marella is an emerging singer/songwriter within the Southern California rock and roll scene, making waves with a fearless fusion of boldness and sincerity.” The last recommendation in our quick picks is this dreamgaze (shoegaze+dreampop) creating a nice wrap-up of catchy songs I wanted to share with you. This is reminding me once again that summer is closer with cold drinks and endless days. What a great way to start working on your summer playlist. You can find more music on Spotify.