Album: Tiny Blue Ghost – Between the Botanicals

Attaching another copy-paste from the press note:

“2022 has been a busy year for Tiny Blue Ghost. They embarked on their first tour and are gearing up to hit the road more in the future. They released an EP ‘The Underneath’ in April, their first release in three years and first under a retooled lineup. As if that was not enough, they also dropped their third LP (and first under indie label Count Your Lucky Stars) ‘Between the Botanicals’ a few months later. 

The album garnered some rave reviews, with Paste highlighting it as one of the top 10 albums to listen to for the week of its release. Our Culture featured the LP in their notable releases and Washed Up Emo boasted that “It sorta hits every button for me. Soaring vocals that feel like you’re jumping off a cliff in slow motion, intricate guitars, and something you could drive 1000 miles to and never feel like it gets old.”

Experts at blending genres and labeled as “ethereal indie rock” by multiple fans, Tiny Blue Ghost take the best from indie rock, shoegaze, bedroom pop, post hardcore, and more to combine it into a sound that is all their own.

I am a little bit behind in sharing this album which came out in August this year. But as I am always saying, it is never too late. Rediscovering music that was released this year is always a pleasure. I have shared Tiny Blue Ghost’s music a long time ago and I am glad I can return to it.

I wish I had some great words of music wisdom to share with you, but to be honest I am just loving this album. So many textures, layers, and different atmospheres in these songs so it is really hard to describe them properly.

Definitely, this album requires a proper listen, and every song deserves your ears. It is hard for me to pick one that is my most favorite, so try and decide for yourself.

If I was buying some cassettes this year from the USA, this would definitely be in my basket. It is such a pity that EU and shipping costs killed my purchases from abroad.

Do not forget to grab the album on cassette or vinyl record.