Introducing: Gentle Ghosts – All I See Is Ghosts & 3 Questions

Let’s introduce the album first (copied from the artist’s Bandcamp page)

In 2021 I fell into a deep and all consuming numbness, living off anti-depressants and fast food. The pathway between me and my inner world was locked shut.

Steeped in self doubt, I was afraid to do anything creative. That was until my friend told me to just grab my guitar and “play the worst song you could possibly make”. It was enough to get me to begin playing again, even though I felt slow and clumsy.

Making baby steps, I continued to play day by day, attempting to drown out my inner critic. And then one day, towards the end of winter, that pathway to my inner world opened up. Songs started flowering each day. But having been so numb for so long, I wasn’t prepared for all that would surface. All I could see were ghosts.

This album was recorded in September and October of 2021 and chronicles my journey: first opening myself up, then descending into my inner world, and finally surrendering myself to nature and starting anew. If you have ever felt anything similar to me, I hope this album can give you some comfort!

Gentle Ghosts is a music project by Brandon Lampinen from Sydney, Australia. I have shared previous singles on our blog, but now I want to give a proper share to the newest album. It is a wonderful collection of emo acoustic bedroom rock songs. Something I am enjoying very much listening to at this moment. Also, the story behind the record is quite important. Music can be healing. For me it is also a way how to escape to an alternative reality. This album is exactly doing that for me.

Enough of my rambling, just press the play and enjoy the songs. In the meantime, you can read answers to the usual 3 questions I have asked Brandon.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music? 

Music has been the one constant love in my life from before I can remember. However, I reached a point in early 2021 where I was in such a deep depression, and my self-esteem was so low, that I had stopped playing music altogether and I was afraid to even pick up my guitar. The turning point was a friend telling me to just pick up my guitar and play the worst-sounding thing I could possibly play. This allowed me to just play without all of the high expectations I had placed on myself, and it was very freeing. That was the core essence of my journey from that dark place to where I am now – giving myself room to play and to feel things without any pressure or expectation. I think once I realized that music could allow me to access parts of myself I couldn’t reach otherwise, I knew I had to keep making it, even if it was just for me.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path? 

I think we are often our own biggest enemies and that was definitely the case for me. My biggest challenge was just getting out of my own way and giving myself the space to play, experiment, and express myself without judgment. When we were babies and someone handed us a pencil for the first time, we just scribbled without any self-awareness of self-criticism, we were totally free. My goal every day is to try to get as close as possible to that childlike freedom. Meditation helps me to see those critical thoughts as coming from a hurt place within me, and that takes a lot of the power away from them.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

Right now, my dreams are to be the truest version of myself despite the rejection I may face. That means being more open in my sexuality, not spending time with people and doing things that are holding me back from being the best version of myself, and making art that is the truest expression of my taste (irrespective of what other people may feel). I also want to reach a place where I don’t feel driven by ego, pride, and jealousy, but instead can be driven by love toward others. I also want to repair myself spiritually, and extend that to repairing relationships with my friends and family that have been suffering.

Go and grab the album on digital or CDs.