Video: Bleary Eyed – Run

This is a new single from the upcoming EP of this Philadelphia-based band Bleary Eyed.

“Bleary Eyed’s forthcoming EP, is a mix of synth and sample heavy indie rock with heavier shoegaze elements seeping in. The band decided to make this self-titled as this EP is a culmination of different sounds and styles the band has delved into years prior. Salfi says, “I just wanted to create a poppy, sample heavy EP that takes people out of their regular headspace they find themselves in.”

It is Friday when I am writing this post and I am planning to run after work, so this is a perfect soundtrack. Maybe not… Either I am enjoying this very interesting mixture of genres, which feels so fresh. I do not know what to label it, but I can definitely hear some Alex G influences and it makes it even better. I enjoyed the video as well, which was kinda funny and yet fit the melody pretty well. Definitely one of the most interesting singles I have listened to in a while. 100% worth checking out more music from this band.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

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