Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Mary Hennessy, Rose Haven Motor Hotel, Library Card, Wilt/Plvce, Big Romance, Route 500

Mary Hennessy – Rollerblade

“Mary Hennessy is a 24-year-old Liverpool based singer-songwriter.” Sometimes I liked to spice up our recommendations with great indie pop or maybe better to say alt-pop as some curators use these days. A catchy, dreamy, indie track that can get anyone interested. The gentleness of the song is totally captivating and I am getting hooked very much. So happy to have another great indie artist coming from the UK. You can find more music on Spotify.

Rose Haven Motor Hotel – Nebraska

“The first single from Rose Haven Motor Hotel. This is a new solo project from Jackson, Mississippi’s Ben Atkinson after several years of co-fronting other projects. This song combines some alt-folk/country sounds with a few indie pop production elements. Lyrically, it dwells a bit on the never far enough need to keep moving on, even to a fault. It’s the perfect companion for a highway drive.” Without knowing anything about the artist I would guess this is coming from the Southern part of the USA. I am really enjoying the country vibes dressed up in the indie outfit. The song has a really nice rhythm and I can definitely see myself playing this while driving the long, lifeless roads of America. You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Library Card – Sunflowers

“Sunflowers is a love letter to letting go. We keep rushing through life, trying our very best to keep up with everything and everyone, feeding into our conditioned ambition and internalised capitalism, but because we try to do everything all at once, nothing really gets done anyway. It is about accepting our fate, existing in a sea of chaos but deciding to just go with it and see what happens along the way. Nothing is in our control, nothing will happen the way you intend it to happen, nothing is set in stone. It’s okay. It is what it is.” I have been really captivated by this band from the Netherlands. I have been never a huge fan of spoken word in songs, but it works so well in this one I keep listening to it over and over. What a great indie rock band finally coming from inland Europe. You can find more music on Spotify.

Wilt/Plvce – My Nothing

“Wilt/Plvce (pronounced Wilt Place) is the musical journey of Roberto and Vincenzo. The project was born in a strange old home in Lancusi, a small town in southern Italy. Their songs tell the sense of oppression in the urban outskirts which outlines the disorientation of two young bodies and the blurred dreams of their minds.” Finally happy to say that I am sharing something from Italy, another European band worth checking out. If you enjoy Surf Curse or similar fast-paced indie outfits, this will be a good fit for you. A song full of energy and emotions can get you in pretty easily and would be awesome to see performed live. You can find more music on Spotify.

Big Romance – Rest My Head

“Led by musician Conor Deery, Big Romance is an art project and band from Adelaide, South Australia. With a keen focus on innovation, Big Romance blends emo with folk & punk.” Let’s fly to the opposite side of the planet and bring you something from Australia. I am really enjoying the folk vibes in the song connected with more emo-ish vocals and overall melody. An amazing track I got recommended on Instagram and will be checking more music from this band. You can find more music on Spotify.

Route 500 – I’ll Play You Out

“Route 500 breathe life into the contemporary alternative scene, illustrating life observations and dissociative states with their dynamic, lo-fi sound and compelling vocals inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Red House Painters, Cat Power and Adrianne Lenker. Route 500 is the musical world of Derek Inver, embodying the mantra to pursue rawness over perfection and capture the darker inner workings and depths of the human psyche.” This new single is beautiful and the best way to finish our single’s recommendations. I am getting lost in the melody and just start dreaming of being in a completely different alternative world. Just a beautiful experience. You can find more music on Spotify.

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