Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Jack Moody, Gorro, Buck St Thomas, Far Caspian, Lala Salama

Jack Moody – Stay II

“Jack Moody is the solo project of Norfolk, VA native Gary Watson. Jack is a lo-fi post punk sad boy constantly pumping out music everyday. Recording in his tiny one bedroom apartment and incredibly cramped for space, Jack finds comfort in his telecaster, droning bass lines and controlling rhythm sections. Jack likes to think he takes the dark elements out of the post punk genre and blends his soft, often melancholy dream pop style vocals to create a confusing but somewhat soothing atmosphere. Jack is currently working with his new band & preparing to tour in the near future.” A little introduction to this artist. It reminds me a little of bands like Surf Curse or Yot Club with quick-paced beats. They always pump me up a little bit and it is the same with this one as well. I would still call this dreamgaze (or not?), to be honest. You can find more on Spotify.

Gorro – i reached down and picked up the remainder of my existence

I have found pretty much nothing about this artist online, not even my favorite spot – Spotify bio. This is a dreamy lo-fi rock that has captivated me but its atmosphere and really interesting melody. You can give it a try even though I have not much to say about it besides the fact I really enjoyed it. You can find more music on Spotify.

Buck St Thomas – Quiet Thrills

“Providence, RI songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and film composer.” I have shared previously a single from this artist on my blog. I had no idea about the artist then and I still do not have more information. Either way, I enjoy this indie pop/rock single, especially the acoustic guitar in the background accompanied by beautiful piano parts. Together they are creating really captivating atmosphere you can easily get into. You can find more music on Spotify.

Far Caspian – Own

Irish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joel Johnston aka Far Caspian unveils bittersweet new single ‘Own’ – a sentimental ode to friendship that sees Joel coming to terms with once strong personal connections naturally dwindling with time.” I think for many people introduction to Far Caspian is not really necessary, but I quite enjoyed this indie rock single. I thought it would fit well into our playlists and it was just nice to listen to. You can find more music on Spotify.

Lala Salama – Summer Love

Summer Love is a wistful but also empowering and rollicking love song that yearns for a summer love in the style of a modern and urban hit. Musical points of comparison can be found in dreampop and Scandinavian nostalgia pop, but also strongly in shoegaze, indie rock and even punk.” You can read more about the band or song on their new label’s Bandcamp. Finally sharing something from Finland I am glad it is a catchy dreamy shoegaze. It has really nice energy and I am really looking forward to more music from this band in the future. Maybe one day they will play live in Bratislava as well. You can find more music on Spotify.