Single: Glass Echoes – Branches

“Branches is an indie-folk-pop anthem of heavy emotional balance. With Ben Noble’s rich harmony layers, the bedroom pop ballad paints a picture of introspection and self-discovery, exploring themes of love, loss, and personal growth.”

“In the midst of exploring a variety of musical styles together, Glass Echoes organically turned into the flagship collaboration between Minneapolis-based songwriters Ben Noble and Chris Bartels. With no regard for sonic boundaries, it became a full creative expression for both of them. Each song, rich in layers, has a unique and experimental character, while still embracing a melodic, familiar tone.

Ben also writes and records music as Lake Union, Midnight Moonlight, and under his own name. Chris also writes and records music as Elskavon, Bora York, and Blurstem.”

These are quotes from the press release about the song and the band. I have shared music from Glass Echoes before and I quite enjoyed it. This new single is even more beautiful and I am feeling connected to it with my heart. I have been enjoying a lot of indie folk music lately and this one especially is bringing peace to my mind. My weeks have been hard, my head is exploding almost every workday, so having an escape is always needed. This song provides exactly that. I can close my eyes, forget the world outside me and just feel the music floating.

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