EP: Bleary Eyed – Bleary Eyed

“Bleary Eyed’s forthcoming EP, is a mix of synth and sample heavy indie rock with heavier shoegaze elements seeping in. The band decided to make this self-titled as this EP is a culmination of different sounds and styles the band has delved into years prior. Salfi says, “I just wanted to create a poppy, sample heavy EP that takes people out of their regular headspace they find themselves in.”

I am sharing this quote once again, even though it was featured in the last single’s write-up. The EP is finally out and I am thrilled to share it with you. Soundwise it is one of the most interesting EPs I have listened in a while. I would call it experimental-ish shoegaze indie rock or something along those lines. Songs heavily driven by guitars with a shoegaze aesthetic are getting me a lot. I finally feel like it is pretty distinctive from other similar artists in the genre. Philadelphia has once again produced a band that is worth following. If you want, you can get this EP on cassette via Born Loser Records, the first pressing is already gone, so do not wait to get your copy before it is too late. I have a hunch this EP will be received well by the general indie audience as it has so much potential. I will be re-listening to it for few times so I can fully devour the tracks and the whole atmosphere.

You can find more music and support the band on Bandcamp.