EP: Missioner – Let​’​s Do It

Missioner is an Ottawa-based alternative rock band. These songs were written by the band at a tough time in their lives that quickly led to the dissolution of the band. Finally, in 2023, 6 years after they were written, the band decided to release them opening up the possibility of further musical releases

Here is a small excerpt from the first song:

Where are we at now?
Getting by, but I’m missing the days
When we had it figured out
Debt bills and daily pills to quiet the sound
Am I making any sense to you?
There’s always too much time to lose
Try to find the best use Is one thing
I can’t seem to do

Tell me we’re alright, cause I can’t tell
Everything alright feels so far away
It all just feels so far away

The lyrics are pretty easy to sing, so I was doing it from the beginning. Sometimes I enjoy songs where the lyrics are getting me hooked without even noticing it. Just a two-track EP. but both songs are great and worth checking out. It is Friday when writing this and somehow it helps me get by during the day. A good old indie rock…

You can find more music on Bandcamp.