EP: Warm Wishes & Andrew Bilinsky – Split

This is a message I received alongside the last song of this split:

“Hi! My name is Georgie, and I’m in a band called Warm Wishes. I wrote recorded and mastered this song [New Year’s Eve] all by myself in my dorm room at Queens College. This is the last song on our upcoming Split album with fellow DIY artist Andrew Bilinsky! He sings some on this song too.”

I somehow did not enjoy split releases as much in the past, but over time I have learned to appreciate it more. This EP is a good example of when the split release works well. The changes in energy and pace of songs create a nice balance and I am enjoying these two approaches to bedroom lo-fi pop. I am really enjoying the vibe these songs are leaving behind and it feels like something I always enjoyed. Straightforward lo-fi pop that is talking to you through simpler melodies and just pure honesty. Give it your time and listen to all songs, you will enjoy it I promise. I am really into it and I am glad I come across this release and these bedroom DIY artists.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.