Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Blase, Chameleon Treat, Cuni, Seventeen Years, Laptop Funeral

Blase – Switchback

“This an indietronica, pop, rock song I wrote about being taken higher by the things you love. This is the first single of a few that will be coming out for my Album. “Vertigo Valley”.” What a catchy indie song. I am enjoying the effect used on the vocals a lot with some spacey vibes. Pretty simple melody, but yet I am enjoying it very much. You can find more music on Spotify.

Chameleon Treat – Scratching at a Closed Door

This new song is a fictional conversation between a close friend of mine and her cat, who attempts to comfort her and steer her away from harmful comparisons to the successes of others. It is a celebration of the infinite creative possibilities and grounding comfort that can exist in one’s own home. 

Texturally, Scratching at a Closed Door is a patient meditation; it slowly evolves and expands for the entirety of its three-minute runtime. It is a psychedelic indie folk track that confidently uses the studio as an instrument in its own right, combining analog and digital elements in equal balance.”

I had to share the whole description because once again a fan of detailed, more poetic descriptions of songs provided by artists themselves. It relieves me of my duty to search for the right words I cannot usually find. Mostly because English is not my mother tongue; a handicap I have to accept. I am really enjoying the gentle atmosphere of the song and the rain sound in the background a lot… You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Cuni – didymus

A little bit of different recommendation, a little bit of harder music. I am not sharing too often this type of emo music, but I can always make exceptions. This is a submission I received on Instagram (one of the ways how to submit music to us) and I have been captivated by its energy. I cannot stay still while listening to this, my head and legs have to move to the rhythm. The math rock guitar solos are just amazing too. You can find more music on Spotify.

Seventeen Years – lovely words and nothing else

Another share of music by my pal Tony aka seventeen years who has been regularly featured on our blog. Another lo-fi dreamy track; something that seventeen years is known for. I have been enjoying his music for a such long time and I am still liking it very much. Definitely, I am recommending you put headphones on and check out this track. Do not forget to dive deep into Tony’s collection. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Laptop Funeral – Light Blue Room

Lastly, I would like to share a track from my beloved artist Laptop Funeral. A pure magical musical journey. Just listen… A new single is off a new record which will come out on Z Tapes later this year. I am so happy that Angie is releasing one of my favorite artists I have ever worked with. Z Tapes’ year 2023 is looking bright! I am so excited! You can find more music on Bandcamp.