Single: The Soft Bulletin – Breakout

Eli Zeger aka The Soft Bulletin is a singer/songwriter based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Eli is a friend of my favorite band Joyer. Here is how:

“The band features myself on guitar and vocals, Jake Miller on bass, and Stephen Browne on drums.

We have a lot of overlap with Joyer. Jake and Stephen comprised their rhythm section on tour this past spring, and I’ve helped Joyer with the press campaigns for a few of their albums.”

According to Eli, this song could be described as “longform power pop”. I do not remember when was the last time I listened to a song that was 9+ mins long. Even though the length, the song does not get boring over time. There are changes in melody, and rhythm, The lyrics are just a long story, you can try to decipher after a few re-listens. Listening to this song was a ride that you can enjoy. Just try it.

You can follow the artist on Bandcamp.