Album: Looney – PICTURE

I will just copy-paste the press release, because it contains everything you need to know:

Looney is the recording duo of Vincent Ford; singer, songwriter, producer, and electronic musician, producer NEW CROSS. From Montreal, Vincent has been the primary songwriter in a number of projects, such as Gulfer (Topshelf Records/Royal Mountain Records), Stevenson (Z-Tapes), and Golden Python (Skeletal Lightning). Based in South London, NEW CROSS has written/produced a number of EPs released on Bandcamp, as well as the debut 7-inch EP of minimal pop artist Chambre Claire (Crochet Disques). Together, they formed Looney in 2020, operating long distance by sending each other stems, sharing writing duties, and experimenting with the boundaries of modern rock music. Looney’s debut EP was released in February 2021 on UK tape label Persistent Existence.

Their new release Picture is looking to expand on what the duo has perfected thus far. The picture is best described as an energetic, melodic, and catchy return to what their fans have learned to expect. The opening track ‘Running Out’ starts the EP out fast, with searing guitar hooks reminiscent of the Strokes, and catchy vocal lines by Vincent Ford. The pair invites the listeners to share in their joy and pain, with the track “Cry For Help”, a hyper lo-fi loser rock anthem. Their charm and humor are best summed up by the title track “Picture”, which opens with circus fanfare, and then abruptly kicks into a loud and roaring number about the nature of change. Themes of loss and anxiety are recurrent, but as the group laments in the second track, “Feelings aren’t meant to be disguised”. Throughout the EP, Looney blurs the line by playing with noise, distortion, and digital manipulation – creating a unique but familiar sound.

A cassette version of the EP will be released [later] via Sad Songs Tapes, a tape label/distro owned and operated by Montreal-based guitar pedal manufacturer Ground Control Audio.”

Vincent’s music is dear to me and especially I am enjoying the music they make as Looney. It’s a perfect kicking loser lo-fi rock. This new album is just superb and I am not able to express how excited I am while listening to it.

Today is Bandcamp Friday so if you need just one tip on what to get, go for this album. You will not regret it.

Get it on Bandcamp.