Album: Heaven For Real – Energy Bar

Sharing a submission from our precious blog’s mailbox. Here is what Mark Grundy wrote:

“I live in Canada, currently in Toronto (though I am originally from Nova Scotia) and I have two projects, one is called Quaker Parents and this is my band with my twin brother J. Sott Grundy.

We’ve been making music with this project for many years now and with this record we were conceptually trying to make something that sounded like the songs were simultaneously being compressed and pulled apart.

Canadian artists had always a special place in my heart and I am still not 100% sure why it happened, but this album is proof that it is worth checking out music from Canada.

I am not sure how to describe correctly the genre of this album, maybe art rock works fine, but either way, it is one of the most interesting albums I have heard in a while. Energetic, experimental, and catchy. From the first track onwards it is a joyful music ride. I honestly cannot wait to give the album more re-listens and enjoy it more.

This newest album is out on the Canadian label Mint Records.

I bet this album would be awesome to experience performed live and I hope I will be able to see it one day.

Go and give this album proper love.

And, do not forget to grab a physical format or check other music.