Single: Simen Mitlid – Grateful Dead

“Grateful Dead is a song about ghosts, both in a metaphorical way and a concrete way. I wanted to write about miscommunication and ghosts became a metaphor for that.” — Simen Mitlid

I have been sharing Simen Mitlid’s music for a while and this is the last single before the new album. I am so excited to listen to it at the end of October. I am hoping it will be released on cassette as well because I would love to have it or even sell in out cassette shop in Bratislava. I hope that concerts will be back soon and Simen will play some EU tour so I could see them live. Simen’s music has been my soundtrack since all the pandemic time and it is creating a special feeling in me. I am so glad I discovered this music. I recommend you check out all their music on Bandcamp. Also, I am really enjoying the surreal album artworks.

You can find more music and merch on Bandcamp.