Single: Seventeen Years – Dolphin

I have known Seventeen Years for some time already. I have mainly discovered their music because of Spirit Goth Records, even have been selling their cassettes under United Cassettes. So for me, it is not unknown music and I am so happy to see a new single out. We were planning to work with them on Z Tapes in past but unfortunately, it did not work out at that time. That’s the hardest part of running a label, not having time and resources to put out everything you want to at the right time. I struggle with it nonstop and I have a hunch it might the same in 2021. Either way, this single is a great slice of shoegaze cake and I am really digging it. So just press the play and listen. Be sure to check out all the music that Seventeen Years made in the past. You will not regret it.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.