Single Premiere: LIT. MAJOR – Swimming

“A slowly-blooming song about trying to atone for past wrongs, and admitting you really do need them. The eponymous ‘swimming’ comes from an image of dreaming of a beautiful place to share with them, but if they’re not there, all you’re doing is swimming. It does build upon the core cyclical guitar progression, so give it some patience.”

So happy to premiere this track with you. I have written about LIT. MAJOR on our blog already a few times. Jeremy is a dear Twitter pal and we worked together because of Z Tapes compilations. He is a talented musician and for me, this newest track is one of my favorite ones I have ever listened to from him.

Beautiful acoustic guitar, atmopsheric sounds in the background and vocals that can make goosebumps. It is just a beautiful ballad. Maybe it is not as catchy as some indie pop these days, but still it can creates magical moments. Definitely I recommend you to check out all music made by LIT. MAJOR and you can find gems for yourself. I am looking forward to the full album which should be out in near future.

Here are the available song so far:

Check them out and pre-order the new album.