Album: Conflict at Serenity Pools – California Poppy

I have shared music from Conflict at Serenity Pools before. This is just an appreciation post for the full album. Here is what the band from Venice Beach, CA has to say about the album:

“California Poppy is a 7 track album. With some reworked material, it covers a range of post-punk and indie rock styles, electronica, and ambient. It is a reflection on things that have changed in CASP’s life, including home: California. Many people have come and gone, and things change pretty quickly. While mixing the album, CASP experienced, like many, an extreme weather event where a heat wave of 100F+ dropped into a rain storm at 69F: this temperature transfer occurred in a two hour period. And so there is an element of surrealism throughout the record, with phrases like “am i me, what’s this future moment doing here today” “where you are I am”, there is this questioning, and maybe dissociation from a far away future that is actually now, and more so a yearning on staying connected to the anchors and rocks. By the end of the record there is a feeling of letting oneself go into the flow.”

I would call this dreamy, experimental lo-fi pop rock or maybe I would not call it that way. It is definitely playful and catchy. Something that can catch you because it stands out for me from the rest of the music that is surrounded me. I am especially enjoying the don’t feed the bear as Slovakia is currently struggling with a larger population of bears. Maybe it is not connected, but I can totally sing along. Also, I love the song’s melody a lot. The whole album is full of great melodies, interesting instruments, and a lot of elements that can make you fall in love with this album.

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