Single: Makeout City x Dead Love Triangle – 12th St

12th St is reminiscent of a place 1/2 of the band once lived. The song is full of nostalgia and memories from the time spent there. We collaborated with Dead Love Triangle on this track and made it dreamy and up-beat featuring elements of shoegaze and dream pop (Dreamgaze).

Dreamgaze is my favorite genre, but I guess you already know that because I am sharing a lot of music in that genre. I love the post-punk style of drums, fast-paced melody, and dreamy vocals. Somehow this genre feels less innovative, but I do not really mind that because I am still not overdosed. I am still hungry for lush melodies and dreamy vibes. This is the genre I would love to release more on my label and I hope I will find local artists making such music so I can release them on cassette.

In the meantime enjoy this dreamgaze from Philadelphia.

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