Single: HEAR ME OUT – Shooting Stars

We are HEAR ME OUT, a young queer band originating in Bielefeld and founded in 2021. Musically, we are settled in the wide realm of Post-Punk. Our self-written songs deal with personal struggle and growth. We combine moody guitars and atmospheric synthesizer sounds to create what we would define as ›Post-Punk‹.

Shooting Stars deals with the personal experience of running away from one’s problems instead of facing them – and looking for the solution in alcohol. Melancholic yet danceable, the bitter verses are contrasted by the cheerful instrumentation. A fusion of rock and pop, energetic and catchy, the single delivers an indie sound with a recognition factor and a clear message: Shooting stars don’t make problems disappear!

I am so happy to share another indie band from Germany. Somehow not so much music from inland Europe is coming my way, but whenever it is lading in my submission, I am paying closer attention. I am enjoying this post-punk/indie rock track with a nice drive. I love its rawness and straightforwardness and it is so working for well. The song is playful, varying between melancholic and cheerful vibes and I am loving that. I bet this would be superb live and I hope the band will play a show in Bratislava. I know exactly where they could play.

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