Single: Viúva Fantasma – Distâncias

“Distâncias” is an exciting first release from newly arrived Viúva Fantasma, a self-described sad rock band from Brazil.  Beginning with all the expected trappings of a Midwest emo song–a soft guitar intro and the quintessential vocal sample–the song erupts into an impossible-to-resist, Bossa-nova-inspired riff.  Endlessly breezy, groovy, and catchy all the way through, right up to its wistful, surprisingly cathartic end, “Distâncias” serves as a fantastic first statement from Viúva Fantasma.  The song would fit just as wonderfully as the soundtrack to an afternoon sipping coffee in a cafe as it would supporting a movie-montage of friends skating through sunset-soaked streets.  “Distâncias” seems destined to be danced to by youthful (and youthful-at-heart) indie folks beneath string lights at a basement show, everyone awash in joy and longing and the lights’ soft glow.  Even sitting at home in front of my computer, I found myself swaying along in my chair.  The recording has that slightly imperfect rawness that fans of any DIY-leaning genres–from punk to emo to bedroom pop–instantly recognize.  Fans of bands like American Football, Origami Angel, and Beach Bunny will likely find something to love about “Distâncias.”

Written by Chris Bernstorf