Single: hillamillion – i’ll be fine

“I wrote this about my partner starting residency to be a physician. We went from spending many hours in the week together to her being gone 80 + hours a week sometimes and barely even being able to respond to texts. My mind started playing tricks with me thinking that she was moving on, growing on without me because even when she’s home she’s not really present. But I have to give her the trust she’s earned in the prior 7 years of our relationship and believe its really just all the residency and nothing else. I wrote this song on guitar and built everything around it.”

I’m currently immersing myself in a stripped-down midwest emo track that has caught my attention. Interestingly, the artist behind this exceptional piece of music hails from New York City. Despite the geographical contrast, the slow, mellow, and melancholic atmosphere of the song brings a refreshing breeze into the emo genre. The simple guitar strumming and heart-melting voice of the artist are perfectly fused to create a harmonious blend of emotions that is hard to ignore. This song is like a breath of fresh air that I can listen to over and over again without getting bored. It’s an excellent example of what emo tracks should be like. I can’t help but crave more songs like this.