Single: Pilgrimage Years – Afloat

Music for daydreamers. Pilgrimage Years fabricates a realm that whispers abstract & incoherent interpretations of closure, longing and identity. Shimmering layers and atmospheres of guitars, jazz based drums and a distinct falsetto. In an attempt to reflect on life lived among others and to coordinate between flagged waypoints, indistinct structures and remnants of evocations resembled by misty incomprehensibility; the slow process of consideration and ambiguity. A cinematic feeling of being alone, a constant stream of unconsciousness.

I have been into shoegaze a lot, dreamier, havier, atmospheric, whatever lands in my submissions. To be honest, I have not shared a lot of shoegaze from Europe, so I am happy to share this Swedish shoegaze band. The song has really great atmosphere and I love how it nicely flows. Dreamy, hazy, but with a lot of energy. I am looking forward to the whole album which should be out later this year (I guess).

In the meantime soak in some shoegaze vibes I am enjoying very much.

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