Introducing: Phoebus & The Fuck Yeahs – Hyperion & 3 Qs

Mel & Val (hi, that’s us) are noisy sisters hailing from Los Angeles adjacent towns.

Phoebus & The Fuck Yeahs is an homage to the greatest dude we knew – Phoebus Spiliotopoulos. Hyperion is our debut EP, and our commitment to honoring his legacy.

Pheebz, we know you’d be proud. Our passion for this music is inspired by the passion you had for life.

This debut EP with 6 lo-fi-slacker-indie-punk rock tracks has really nice energy and I am enjoying it.

Mel & Val have really nice synergy and I have enjoyed the EP from the first track to the last. I have revisited the EP after a day, it even got me more. So if you are not feeling into it, sleep on it and it will get you even more.

The energy coming from the tracks is something I would love to see more, especially these days. I bet these songs would work well live as well and I would totally imagine myself going to a DIY house show and seeing them there. It would be superb. Maybe one day they will tour Europe and we will see them in Bratislava.

I have reached out to Mel & Val and asked our 3 questions. Here are the answers:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

My sister and I have both always been really musically inclined. Our parents have a pretty wide range in taste, so it wasn’t uncommon to go from listening to something like Three Dog Night to Kenny G back to back (don’t worry, we aren’t inspired by Kenny G). It helped us understand what makes a song in any genre enjoyable to listen to. When I (Val) was really young, I got started on playing violin, which didn’t last long. My sister (Mel) started with vocal lessons/musical theater at a young age too. She stuck with that, but I bounced around to other instruments, eventually landing at the drums. Mel eventually started messing with the guitar. We never played together until two separate, very tragic events happened in 2020/21. I think that really bonded us and made this project a necessity. We’re inspired to keep creating. Mel inspires me all the time! We’re eager to get new tunes going soon.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

I think the biggest challenge for us was dedicating the time to create this project. We both have full time jobs and conflicting schedules. But when the opportunity came for us to record, it made it feel more real. Now, we just want to jam. We want to play shows and meet other artists. I think this music is meant to be shared live, so we’re definitely looking to make friends!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

For me, I’d love to open for a larger band. Nothing too crazy, but hey, if boygenius need an opener, let’s talk

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